1. 根据教育部公函,目前住在学校宿舍的考生,受促于学校新春假期间,继续留宿在学校宿舍。

2. 若考生选择返乡过年,2月17日(星期三)返校后须在宿舍隔离10天。隔离期间的SPM考试,则在学校另辟的考场内进行。

3. 没有就读高三的应届SPM宿舍考生,如需在SPM进行时返校住宿,也须遵从上述的隔离要求。

4. 若外地考生有意留在家乡应考,须在2月9日(星期二)中午12点前通知校方政府考试负责老师 Ms Shirley Chin。学校会向州教育局提出申请,惟是否获批准、新的考试地点等变化,由州教育局决定,本校无权干涉。

5. 在籍高三学生于2月17日至2月20日仍须到校上课,但隔离中的宿舍生则不可出席,自行留在隔离宿舍准备考试。

6. 特别提醒应届SPM考生,遵守进入本校校园仪容规范。参加SPM考试时,必须穿整齐校服及校鞋。凡染头发、头发过长、发型奇异、戴耳环等仪容不合格者 ,一律禁止参加考试。

7. 本校将根据疫情及政府的最新SOP规定,调整相关作业程序。如引起不便,敬请谅解。


吴德成 谨启

Dear 2020 SPM Candidates & Parents,

1. According to the official letter of the MOE, candidates currently living in the school hostel are advised to continue to stay in the school dormitory during Chinese New Year holidays.

2. If candidates choose to return to their hometown for CNY, they must self-quarantine in the dormitory for 10 days after returning to school on 17 Feb (Wednesday). The SPM Exam during the isolation period will be conducted in a separate examination room.

3. SPM candidates staying in hostel, who are not studying S3 must also comply with the above-mentioned isolation requirements if they need to return to school for accommodation during SPM Exam.

4. If SPM candidates intend to stay in their hometown to sit for the exam, they must notify Teacher Shirley Chin SL before 12pm on 9 Feb (Tuesday). The school will submit an application to the Department of State Education for approval on which the school has no right to interfere.

5. S3 students will still have to attend classes from 17 Feb to 20 Feb, except for those who are under self-quarantine; they have to stay in the dormitory and study for the exam.

6. Special reminders for the SPM candidates to abide by the school regulations while at school. When taking the SPM exam, students must wear proper school uniforms and shoes. Anyone who has dyed hair, excessively long hair, strange hairstyles, or wears earrings etc will not be allowed to take the exam.

7. The school will adjust related SOP in accordance with the latest government SOP regulations. Apology for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you.

Goh Teck Seng

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